Jewelry is a piece of accessory used to complement our outfit. It comes in different types and designs. You can find costume jewelry, retro jewelry, celebrity-inspired jewelry, and even theme jewelry. Likewise, jewelry also varies depending on the season.

If you’re a jewelry lover, you may find this post interesting.  It’s essential to know the trending in both contemporary and fine jewelry. If you’re into fine jewelry, it makes sense to know the top trends in fine jewelry.


Definitely, pearls are coming back in the scene. This only shows that pearls are indeed timeless. Peals are commonly used in crafting jewelry since time immemorial. It is used in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and even men’s jewelry. 

Colored gems

Jewelry makers are using colored gems. It is very common on earrings, bracelets, and engagement rings. The color of the gemstone adds pleasant surprises to the jewelry. By using a statement colored gems earrings can transform and enhance your wardrobe. Even an eye-popping cocktail ring that has a colored gemstone can make you elegantly beautiful. The ruby gemstone adds a personal touch to any outfit.


Another type of jewelry that is popular is the chain. It is a piece of jewelry designed with dainty layers. This type of jewelry is very common in men’s jewelry. It comes in a different length, perfect as a support to various styles of pendants or worn alone. You can find bracelets and necklaces chains jewelry. The present trend of chains jewelry is chunkier making it more visible.


Enamel is a jewelry trend that is easy-to-wear. It is a good alternative to the traditional jewelry pieces. This material is commonly used in making fine jewelry even in today’s modern day. Enamel keeps pace with changes and time, yet it meets the technical and stylistic demands of modernity.

Likewise, this material allows the jewelry maker to transform t into something that is more than a decorative design. Enamel jewelry pieces include bracelets and hoops.


Jade is one of the trending jewelry in the fashion world today. It comes in various forms and an ideal addition to your jewelry collection. This material is perfect to integrate when making jade rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

This green stone has many uses because of its immense beauty. According to Chinese empire history, aside from its stunning beauty, jade has a power of protection and healing. If you want to attract positive energy, peace, harmony, and wisdom, you should try using jade jewelry.

Multifunctional or convertible jewelry

Many designers have been creating this type of jewelry. A multifunctional jewelry is something that is convertible into earrings, hoops, and others. This kind of jewelry can enhance your outfit making it more elegant.

 Indeed, each type of jewelry has its own uniqueness. If you’re planning to buy a piece of jewelry, it makes sense to know its value.

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