Glendale Jewelry Appraisal has found something new to aspire to in the site, The Stone Set. Perusing its digital pages, even for a few moments will be enough to convince you that this is an experience that transcends its existence as a mere website. Lest you think this is some accidental marvel of the digital marketing age, the authors intended this. Site creators, Jenna Fain and Emerald Carroll are more than mere jewelry hawkers, they are lovers of the art with an eye to the more esoteric meanings behind the baubles we wear and collect.

Jenna had this to say in a recent interview, “There’s always a story to jewelry. It’s expensive, it’s durable, and therefore, as Emerald says, More thought goes into choosing it than anything else you wear. And you wear it forever. It transcends the human lifespan. The stones are older than humans, and jewelry also gets passed down. Ancient Egyptian jewelry in the Met looks new. It’s incredible that we have that commonality with a woman from 3,000 years ago.”

It’s easy to forget that things we own have often had a life before us, but it’s true. Whether it is the silver and gold your jewelry is cast in, or the stones themselves, they are much older than anything else that you interact with on a daily basis. There is something magical about that and this site is designed to share it in an artistic manner Glendale Jewelry Appraisal finds intriguing.

As the Glendale Jewelry Appraisal staff dug deeper, we began to recognize that this was more than the average jewelry sales site. It strives to connect its readers to the whole world of fashion and styling by sharing ideas about how and when to wear jewelry and what to pair it with. The site is not without its perils, however and Glendale Jewelry Appraisal would be remiss if we did not caution our readers.

There is a very real danger that you will become addicted to following the journeys the site leads you on, into our showroom in search of just the right jewel to achieve the same kinds of effects you might find on the Stone Set. All in all, we give the site two thumbs up, it is informative and entertaining and the sites writers are knowledgeable and creative in how they share it.