Apparently the only thing fake about Taylor Swift’s eyebrow-raising bath in a tubful of diamonds was the act of bathing itself… Maybe.

On August 27, 2017 pop star Taylor Swift released a music video for her single “Look What You Made Me Do” on YouTube, which has racked up almost 130 million views in just a week. Now, Swift is no stranger to going above and beyond in the production of her music videos and this one does not stray from that trend. But there’s one scene that stands out that gave the celebrity gossipers plenty to talk about—Ms. Swift submerged in a bathtub of sparkling, shining diamonds.

The video starts off in a cemetery, presenting an undead Taylor Swift bursting through the ground like multi-millionaire zombie seeking revenge on some unsuspecting boys that broke her heart. If that’s not ridiculous enough, the video then juxtapositions to Swift in the recently iconic scene of her bathing in diamonds, which raised the question many tabloids were asking: “Wait, were those real?”

The answer: “Yes. Well, kind of.” According to Neil Lane, an infamous jeweler known for supplying celebrities with extravagant bling for award ceremonies, outings, and now music videos, all of the diamond jewelry that Taylor Swift is wearing is 100% real. But as for the shiny jewels covering Swift’s naked body? Eh, not so sure about that.

Some of the same sources that are asking these questions are also claiming that the net worth of the diamonds Taylor Swift “bathed” in were worth in upwards of $10 million. That being said, an authentic diamond necklace alone like the one Swift adorned could be worth several million dollars. So if you do the math, a bathtub full of real diamonds would be worth about one hundred times that. So skeptics are saying no, it’s not likely.

Although, some sources are still saying they’re all real diamonds, which if true, still can’t be very comfortable to bathe in. And while this scene has become the most talked about part of Taylor Swift’s music video, it only takes up about 15 seconds of the four-minute video.

Aside from the question of authenticity of the diamonds in the bathtub scene, there are a couple other questions and speculations about the symbolism of the scene itself. One involves the one dollar bill that’s visible in the tub just next to her right elbow, which by itself seems pretty ridiculous and a free shot to ridicule given the outrageous scene. But some conspiracy theorists claim that the lonely dollar bill symbolizes the results of a trial that took place earlier this month between Swift and a radio host that allegedly groped her back in 2013.