It really should go without saying, but it also gets taken for granted tragically easily: we all get exactly one mother who brought each of us into this world. We’re hers for life. We are literally nothing without her. No question, every day of our lives is Mother’s Day, just because we’d be nothing without her.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re all for taking Mom out for a scrumptious Sunday Brunch, lavishing her with gorgeous flowers, and absolutely honoring her with some priceless jewelry that will hopefully endure as a family treasure for generations to come. The thought will always count and these gestures will always make her heart sing knowing that we were thinking of her, but as long as a mother’s love fills our every thought, we can’t help but look forward to a few Mother’s Day moments she’ll always treasure for taking that little extra step further to say, “I’ll never know another blessing quite like you.”


We put our social media to so many questionable uses, from wasting time filling every square inch of our friends and families’ Facebook feeds with cats to screaming our sociopolitical leanings into every unsuspecting ear we can. This year, we’re taking to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like to post our favorite pictures of our mothers alongside stories and heartfelt thanks that embody everything only she could ever have brought into our lives.

These are our sources of strength, in good times and bad, the memories no one and nothing can ever take away. In the end, we hope they’ll remind our loved ones of a common bond as they let their own recollections and acknowledgements ring. The Internet is forever, and so is  a mother’s love.


One year after another, we say it with flowers. This year, why not join us in honoring our mothers with something that says “I love you” again and again, from one year into the next?

Instead of buying a gorgeous bouquet that’s destined to eventually wilt, take a stroll with Mom through a local nursery. That two of you can pick out her favorite plants, herbs and flowers to mark this Mother’s Day by filling a few planters with something you can both tend all year long together. The vivid colors, rich aromas and, in some instances, flavorful tastes will provide ongoing unforgettable reminders of what she means to you.

Best of all, you’ll get to spend the day working side-by-side together, making new memories and sharing cherished ones while you both bring a little more colorful, lush new life to the world.


Of course, we would add a capstone to this Mother’s Day with a lasting gift of beautiful jewelry. However, let’s try a little twist this year, shall we?

If your mother is sadly no longer with you, repurposing some of her timeless heirloom pieces of jewelry into keepsakes to spread to the fellow women in your family is a wonderfully generous way to give back to everyone as she did. Suppose you have a lengthy strand of exquisite pearls that you’ve never worn but once or twice and may never wear again. A number of jewelers can help arrange to have it divided and remade into several bracelets and earrings that will leave an unforgettable piece of her spirit with everyone she loved.


In fact, various artists such as acclaimed Connecticut jeweler Robert Dancik can take numerous keepsakes and found items from a matchbook, cork from a wine bottle or playing card to gears from antique clocks and creatively transform them into rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and other unique gifts. It’s worth a look to possibly fashion a brand-new heirloom in your Mother’s spirit or gift one to a special lady who is still with you.

Whatever you might give, there’s one finishing touch to really express your lifetime of thanks in a unique style: select a snippet of something she once wrote or said to you that struck an indelible, unforgettably deep chord. It can even be her signature. Once you’ve chosen something, have it engraved onto a charm that would look lovely on a necklace or bracelet.

Better yet…make it two. After all, there’s nowhere either of you could go that a piece of the other won’t follow.