Kanye West is a showstopper and when it came time for him to pick out a ring for wife Kim Kardashian he stole the show. The music star gifted his wife with one of the holy grails of jewelry appraisal, a 15-carat diamond ring.
Although the ring is smaller than than the one that Kim received from ex-hubby Kris Humphries, some jewelry experts think it may be worth more. The catch is that sometimes in appraising, the smaller diamond may be of higher quality than another even if it is smaller in size. Compared to the 20-carat ring that Kim got from Humphries, experts at az jewelry appraisal can tell you that the stone in the new ring may be worth a lot more according to an evaluation.
The ring Kim received from Humphries recently went to auction for a measly $750,000 which is a whole lot of a load lower than its $2 million retail value. Experts at az jewelry appraisal can tell you that when it comes to getting your jewelry appraised on your special and valued items, the retail value may not matter much to anyone outside of insurance companies. Often, the appraisal returns two very different values on your piece of jewelry depending on why you are getting the appraisal done. Experts at az jewelry appraisal can tell you that the retails value and the actual value of your item can sometimes differ vastly after a jewelry evaluation.
Especially when it comes to diamonds, the value of the stone in a jewelry evaluation reflects the quality of the stone instead of simply the size. Like many things in life size does not matter so much during the appraisal. Experts at AZ Jewelry Appraisal have seen many different types of rocks and so they know that the difference between diamonds can be huge. For comparison, a high quality ring can be determined in a jewelry evaluation to have five times the value than a similar sized ring that is lesser in quality.
According to rumors circulating around the couple, the ring that Kanye gifted Kim is said to be flawless. Flawless in an appraisal standards simply means that there is no obscurities or defects in the stone. AZ Jewelry Appraisal experts can tell you that jewelry appraisals usually always try to spot defects in jewelry. So if a stone truly is flawless according to a jewelry appraisal then that ring is very very rare.
However, experts at az jewelry appraisal want to stress that it is not the size or the quality that truly matters when searching for a ring. Instead of the jewelry appraisal price, remember that the stone is a symbol of an event in your own personal life. So when searching for a stone, be on the lookout for what makes sense for you and your budget and not the value according to a jewelry appraisal.
However, if it ever comes time to part with the ring or if you’re simply curious how much it’s worth then the experts at AZ Jewelry Appraisal will be more than happy to perform a jewelry appraisal for you.