The world of jewelry appraisal can seem complex and complicated to a person not familiar with the terms. Maybe you have recently inherited some jewelry or have some items that you no longer want and are looking for a way to make sell them for cash. Maybe you even know the retail or insurance value of your item, but have heard somewhere that your item could actually be worth less than that– or much more. You just want a clear answer for what your items are worth. In the terms of jewelry appraisal, what you are looking for is the resale value.

Jewelry appraisal experts at AZ Jewelry Appraisal know that the average person is simply trying to discover how much their item is worth and doesn’t want to bother with all of the intricacies of the business. So when a customer comes in for a jewelry appraisal, the most important question to ask is what the appraisal is for because there are two main types of appraisals and sometimes the value differs.

The first kind of jewelry appraisal offered by AZ Jewelry Appraisal is what is known as a jewelry appraisal for Retail Replacement Value. The retail replacement value is the price of the item when it was bought new and is more of a standard to measure that item by that it’s actual real world worth. In jewelry appraisal, retail replacement value is for insurance purposes mostly, in case the item is lost or damaged the insurance company can pay out this value.

However, when people are seeking a jewelry appraisal it is not always for insurance purposes and AZ Jewelry Appraisal understands this. That is why the second kind of jewelry appraisal offered by AZ Jewelry Appraisal determines the Resale Value of the item. In jewelry appraisal, the resale value of an item is the value that it would bring on what are known as Resale Markets.

Resale Markets are just a fancy jewelry appraisal term for garage sales, consignment shops, flea markets or auction houses where jewelry is most often sold. Az Jewelry Appraisal offers a few tips about the kind of Resale Market that a person seeking a jewelry appraisal should consider.

The item should always be offered in a market associated with fine jewelry and similar items. The reason for this is simple, for an item to bring the estimated jewelry appraisal price it must be where people are looking for it and understand the true value of it. Additionally, the item should have accurate identification. This is a part of the process of jewelry appraisal and AZ Jewelry Appraisal can advise about how to best record the identification of the item for resale. Finally, any item at an auction house must be verified by a third party. This means that a jewelry appraisal is an absolute, no getting around it! So stop hesitating and bring your item into AZ Jewelry Appraisal today to get your specialized jewelry appraisal service.