Lately the news coming out of Detroit, Michigan has not been the best. Since the 2008 economic crisis, when this city was hit harder than most, the residents of Detroit have been finding ways to revitalize their hometown.

One way that many Detroit residents have been trying to breath life into their city is through fine art. As the many new art movements that have been popping in Detroit show, when house prices go down artists will move in.

Among others, Detroit native Christine Tobias Coleman, has been making a name for herself through her jewelry brand, Rove.

Coleman got her start in the jewelry business by working at Lazare Kaplan International Inc. as a diamond wholesaler and specialized in ideal cut diamonds. She then moved on to Jade Trau where she became the Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Rove is a private jewelry concierge service launched just this year by Coleman. The company has also declared its mission to do its part revitalizing the city by hosting pop up jewelry events.

The first of these events took place just this last Thursday, September 22, 2016 at The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

The event displayed the many crafted and custom pieces designed by Coleman and her company Rove and was attended by such designers as Michelle Fantaci, Spinelli Kilcollin, Jade Trau and Beth Bugdaycay of Foundrae.

As champagne bubbled in the glasses and cocktails were served all around, the many patrons of the pop up event perused the jewelry collection which was on display for purchase.

Coleman donated part of the proceeds from the event to the museum and hopes to continue hosting events that will benefit her city.

Jewelry appraisal Phoenix can take a cue from Coleman and her company Rove and plan similar events in the Valley of the Sun. Jewelry appraisal Phoenix is at a unique place within the city and can take advantage of the rising tide of independent Arts culture being born.

Although Phoenix did not see a hit as drastic as the one Detroit took after the housing bubble, looking for ways to add excitement to a city is something many residents always keep in mind.

Hosting pop up shops for shoppers and people looking to get their jewelry appraised, jewelry appraisal Phoenix can take the jewelry game to the next level while pushing the boundary of the traditional conception of shopping and appraisal.

As people are always looking for the new and exciting thing, jewelry appraisal Phoenix can stay on the cutting edge by adding variety to its mission and considering the benefits of putting together events centered around jewelry.

Like the event that Coleman hosted with her company Rove, Phoenix has its own unique market of jewelry buyers and designers. And it has its own Art Museum where jewelry appraisal Phoenix experts could possibly look into teaming up to host a high-class event like the one in Detroit.

Jewelry appraisal Phoenix can add life to the city and change the way Phoenicians shop through the exciting new way of engagement in the city.