It is hard to believe that a jewelry store in San Rafeal, California would be accused of peddling fake Cartier watches. But sometimes real life is stranger than fiction because that is exactly what happened to one jewelry store in San Rafeal’s Northgate Mall last week.

Cartier is luxury jewelry and watch brand that bears worldwide recognition to its name.

According to the complaint that Cartier issued to the courts of California, the defendants are accused of manufactured, advertised, offered for sale, sold, distributed, imported, and/or exported counterfeit and/or infringing jewelries under the Cartier marks and/or bearing substantially identical marks and style.

The plaintiffs do not throw out this accusation lightly. They claim to have visited the plaintiff’s store many times to confirm themselves that it was actually going on. They even issued a cease and complaint letter. The jewelry shop failed to respond to any of these accusations and continued selling the items in question. The plaintiffs tried their best to put an end to the fake products before heading to the good old legal system to help them handle the issue.

The plaintiffs seek reparations for the damages including prodding the store to turn over infringing materials for destruction; grant plaintiffs the gains, profits, savings, and advantages from infringement; damages; costs; attorneys’ fees; interest and further relief as the court deems just. These consequences are very serious and the jewelry shop found guilty of selling these fake Cartier watches could see themselves lose a lot of money.

Jewelry appraisal Cave Creek believes that this accusation is bad for both parties involved.

Since counterfeit products flood the market, they tend to lower the value for the real brand name jewelry and watches. That is why it becomes so important to have an appraisal done any item that you might have any uncertainties about.

Jewelry appraisal Cave Creek is sure that it would have caught any discrepancies between the fake Cartiers being sold and the real deal. It is never worth it to try to pass off a fake as real as any appraiser worth his weight would be able to quickly tell the difference, especially the experts working in jewelry appraisal Cave Creek.

Jewelry appraisal is not a business to be taken lightly. Catching counterfeits is a real part of the daily job Sometimes it breaks hearts to reveal that a highly treasured possession is actually a fraud, but it is also a necessary step to ensuring that the real items retain their value over time.

Never buy an item from a store you are not sure is selling the 100% real item. Jewelry appraisal Cave Creek is always available to offer a second opinion and verify the item’s true worth. Getting an item appraised is always a good idea if there are any uncertainty at all surrounding the item. As jewelry is a billion dollar industry, counterfeiting makes money for the underground mobsters as well.

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