It may come as a surprise to some in the jewelry appraisal business that famous fashion house Chanel has chosen the wheat plant as the model for its latest run of jewelry but Les Blés De Chanel is just that.


Les Blés De Chanel, meaning “Chanel’s Wheat” in English, is an attention grabbing and exciting new line of jewelry. The original designer of the fashion house, Chanel’s own thoughts of the wheat plant was that it was a symbol of luck and prosperity. She was known throughout her life to display images of the grain in her own apartment. The new run of jewelry continues the spirit of the rural tradition of the designer’s life and updates it for modern trends. 

The collection is currently on display at the fashion house’s French location on the Rue Cambon. The pieces consist of cut-outs in the shape of grain and diamond settings. The pieces feature a unique take on combining two seemingly different things- jewelry and grain- that will catch the eye of any jewelry appraisal expert. The interest of this line of jewelry is sure to stay steady over time.

Along with the new line of jewelry is street art by the artist Gad Weil. The artist planted a rural island in the center of Paris which is made up of over 1 million stalks of wheat. The plants were placed in the Place Vendôme and will be relocated after the initial run.

Chanel’s new line of high-fashion jewelry is exciting for a jewelry appraisal expert and for the consumer alike. These pieces display a thoughtful and new take on rural images and combines them with the latest trends of urban fashion. Jewelry and agriculture are not two things which people often think of together. That is why Chanel shows its ability to take risks and try new things in the world of high fashion by the release of this new line. In the world of high fashion it is important to always be on the edge of the latest trends.

Many experts of jewelry appraisal have already come forward to praise the jewelry. And if the initial reaction is any indicator, this new line from Chanel will be sure to be popular. Not only does Chanel have a high fashion reputation, but the wheat imagery is a signature take that the consumer has come to expect from this trendy high fashion house.

The jewelry takes its inspiration from the good luck charm of the wheat plant and hopes to bring good luck to the buyer. For sure, the elegant cuts of gold with the sparks of diamond will make any one who is wearing a piece from this line catch the eye of the crowd. Jewelry appraisal is a tough game and the appraiser often has a critical eye, however when it comes to this latest run from the high fashion house Chanel, there is nothing but words of awe and praise.