Whether you’re looking to smarten up some pre-existing jewellery or you want to expand your service offering – silver plating jewellery is a great place to start. There are a number of techniques you can use when learning how to silver plate jewellery, but we’ll start with the most basic.
For this technique, you’ll need to know how to make a silver plating solution. But don’t worry, we’ll talk you through each step. Want to find out more? Discover everything you need to know about silver plating jewellery using silver plating solution, from the necessary tools and equipment to what the process involves below.
Tools and equipment for silver plating jewellery with solution

Jewellery of choice. Whether you’re looking to transform some costume jewellery or give your old silver pieces a new lease of life, this silver plating solution for jewellery can work on brass, copper, bronze or nickel metals.

Protective gloves. This is mainly to prevent the solution from staining your hands and fingers a pretty unpleasant yellow hue.

Two polishing cloths. One for applying the solution and another clean cloth for buffing once the solution has been applied.

Silver plating solution. The key piece of equipment in this technique. Using a silver plating solution quickly adds value to any old piece of jewellery.

A cover for your table or jewellery workbench. Much like the protective gloves, you may want to use a cover for your workspace to avoid any staining from the solution.

How to use silver plating solution: step by step
Now you know which tools and equipment to collect, it’s time to run through how to silver plate jewellery using silver plating solution, step by step:

Thoroughly clean the metal. In order to achieve the best level of silver plating, you’ll need to make sure that the metal you want to silver plate is completely clean. The best way to do this is to use one of your polishing cloths to remove any dirt or grit.

Prepare the solution. Once the metal has been cleaned, you can prepare the solution. You’ll need to distribute the contents in the bottle, so give it a quick shake before dabbing some of the solution onto a clean cloth – and make sure you’re wearing your gloves!

Apply the solution. Completely cover the metal with the solution on the cloth. Apply liberally to ensure a high-quality finish. Don’t worry if the metal turns a darker colour – this is only temporary while the silver transfers onto the metal.

Finalise the piece. All that’s left to do now is to gently buff the metal with a soft polishing cloth to create a high shine and professional finish. And you’re done!

Repeat as necessary. Not so happy with your first go? Don’t worry. Simply repeat the steps above until you achieve the desired outcome.

Use our visual guide for more tips and tricks on how to use silver plating solution.
**When using harmful and hazardous materials, be sure to wear gloves and cover work surfaces to protect against stains.**
What is electroplating jewellery?
Now you know how to silver plate jewellery with a silver plating solution, what are the other ways that allow you to create the same effect? Another popular method is electroplating.
So, what is electroplating? And how does electroplating jewellery create the same effect? To put it simply, electroplating is another way to transfer a surface layer of metal onto another type of metal.
The process involves using an electric current to do the transferring, which can be achieved with a specialist piece of equipment called an electroplating unit. Better suited to professional jewellery makers, electroplating allows you to silver plate jewellery that wouldn’t be possible with the solution alone. So if you’re just starting out, we’d recommend you stick to a silver plating solution for jewellery to begin with.
Wondering where to buy silver plating solution?
Pick up your silver plating solution and any other jewellery tools you may need from Cooksongold. Looking for more jewellery making inspiration? Head to the equipment and technique focus section of our blog for a variety of different techniques to try your hand at.

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