Jewelry is one of the most traditional items in our society. While it has been upgraded through the millennia in style and usage, most of the common items of jewelry we wear now have changed very little. The materials, shapes and techniques used have been around for centuries. While the technology to produce jewelry has grown up around it, it is only recently that the jewelry itself has done anything beyond tell the time.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal is following one of the most amazing stories in our industry, the advent of “Smart jewelry”. While the idea of a wrist watch communicator is at least as old as Dick Tracy, Apple and several competitors have finally made the merge work! In fact, Apple’s Cupertino watch outsold all of its competitors and raised the bar on what smart jewelry is capable of.

As the technology improves, including metal surfaces that can send and receive Blue Tooth signals, the ugly, clunky smart watches of the early 21st century are giving way to more traditional designs that Glendale Jewelry Appraisal can get excited about. Imagine a ring, pendant, or bracelet that appears to be traditional jewelry that can receive emails, alert you to voice mail, or connect to other smart technologies.

Some designers are also exploring other uses for smart technologies in jewelry, such as enhancing personal safety. One example is a bracelet that, while it can’t take you back to Kansas with three clicks, will message your exact Google maps location to family and friends if you tap it three times quickly when you feel in danger. Imagine the number of missing person’s cases that might never have happened if those in danger had access to a technology like that!

So, what do consumers think of the trend to smart wearable’s? One out of three are looking for new smart jewelry, while half feel that fitness functions are important in a new watch and two thirds would love to see smart jewelry that blended in and enhanced their fashion, rather than sticking out and appearing nerdish.