Before we move on any further–congratulations and best wishes on your impending marriage! This Scottsdale jewelry appraisal company would like to wish you and your future spouse all the best in the coming months of planning, during the wedding, and, of course, for the incredible years to come.

As you begin dreaming of all the details of your wedding, from finding the perfect dress to tasting nine cakes before choosing one you both love, we suggest you take a moment to look at and consider your engagement ring. The symbol of the love and devotion shared between you and your spouse holds memories about the proposal, the wedding, and, eventually, the years you will share together. Now take a moment to consider what could happen if something were to happen to this precious item. It could be anything–losing a stone or two, falling down a drain, somehow making it’s way through the washing machine and dryer, or getting stolen. While the sentimental value may not be lost, it’s possible that the ring itself or the monetary value could be.

Most people don’t tend to think of an engagement ring as an investment piece–which is, perhaps, due in part to the waning influences of paternalist culture–but when you consider the amount of money put into the average engagement ring and wedding ring set, it may not be a bad idea to consider getting a local Scottsdale jewelry appraisal. This is a relatively painless experience for consumers so you can put some of your wedding worries at ease just by getting a wedding ring appraisal.

Scottsdale is full of jewelry stores and you can bet that a number of their clientele seek appraisals for some of their more prized, pricey items. By seeking this service, you are taking the time to protect the overall value of your ring should anything happen to it. In most cases, an appraisal is conducted by someone who can inspect and verify key information about the ring, which includes the materials used, any signifying details, and an accurate value of the ring at the time of the appraisal. If you look at each part of the ring, this will include the metal (metal types and the karat value if there is gold), the stones (carat weight of a diamond, stone cut, stone color, and clarity), and any special details or marks (such as inscriptions, stamps, flourishes, and special designs). Some appraisals will also provide certification or other form of report with detailed information about the ring, especially for pieces valued over $5,000.

If you’re still unsure about getting a wedding ring appraisal in Scottsdale, you may want to consider the benefits that you will receive afterwards. For example, for young couples lacking funds or who may be questioning any incurring costs, a detailed appraisal can provide assurance of the actual value of the ring. This is especially important if you recently purchased a vintage engagement ring. While you may be impressed at buying an apparently vintage ring off of an online auction site, confirming the authenticity and value of the ring may give you some peace of mind as to whether that ring really was a deal.

Now, think back to when we discussed earlier about what could happen to your gorgeous ring and all the situations that could potentially occur. Everyone hopes and secretly assumes it will never happen to them but you will want to make sure your ring is appropriately valued should it ever be damaged or lost when washing dishes or backpacking up the Arizona Trail. An appraisal (and especially a certification, if you can get one) is also helpful if you ever find yourself a victim of theft. If your ring should be stolen, having an appraisal and any accompanying paperwork would be key to recovering either the actual ring or being able to replace it at a similar price. By having it checked out by your local Scottsdale jewelry appraisal company, you can take an extra step to securing your investment and being able to insure it.

With all of this information, you won’t want to wait too long to get a wedding ring appraisal in Scottsdale done! We recommend having a jewelry appraisal completed as soon as possible following the initial purchase so that you don’t find yourself in one of these situations without the protection to your investment. Why worry?

If you’re looking for a wedding ring appraisal in Scottsdale or surrounding cities, we recommend contacting us if you have any additional questions about getting started in the appraisal process.