Gemologists see enough pristine, lovingly crafted jewelry every day to know some of the most cherished, enticingly priced baubles around come not necessarily from names like Cartier, Tiffany, or even Jared, but independent artisans. In fact, handmade pieces are well on their way to surpassing more luxurious jewelry as not only superbly matched accessories, but outstanding conversation starters.

Being located within driving distance of California’s more stunning retail meccas, Phoenix isn’t too far from the Golden State to pause at independent jewelry haven Ma Maison in Santa Clarita for handmade and up cycled jewelry that literally no merchant in the Valley will ever quite match. These artisans specialize in 100% original pieces that any gemologist would applaud. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, spare a few minutes during your next lunch break to appreciate the fascinating selections these high-quality creators have to offer


You’ve heard the trite old chestnut, “All that glitters is not gold.” Well, even gold itself can be surprisingly blasse after a while. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but gemologists can’t deny the fascinating side of jewelry that’s eclectically chic but surprisingly sophisticated. The entire Ma Maison collection is top-to-bottom made in the U.S.A. and women-owned. Their wares are highlighted by the Blumarbie collection of recycled beer, liquor and wine bottles upcycled into gorgeous glassware, jewelry and more right in the very heart of Las Vegas.


Sometimes, men truly know their stuff when it comes to jewelry – sometimes, but not always. For perfection you can be guaranteed she’ll appreciate, trust a woman’s eye and skillful hands. Based in Los Angeles, Santore embraces the dance between fashion and art, turning gorgeous images into truly artistic accessorization as uniquely wearable art.


Gemstone shines for sheer versatility. The best jewelry pairs well with just about anything and never looks out of place in any one setting. Adding a mix of gemstones and chains particularly emphasizes this line’s chic appeal of howlite, citrine, and more natural stones. If your lady is always on the move, this is a quintessential low-maintenance collection for infinite use.


Jewelry isn’t necessarily made strictly to make a woman beautiful. It’s more of a spotlight that complements her natural radiance and renders it inescapable. Kozakh keeps it simple and delicately elegant. The handmade layers add a perfectly balanced sophistication with bold originality, but never becomes a distraction.

Finally, there’s Lucky Feather. There are few collections local to Santa Clarita that tops their gorgeous, inspirational packaing’s loving missives of hope, friendship, and the bliss found in simple gratitude. It’s fun, high-end, brilliantly energetic, and downright uplifting.