When it comes to purchasing housewares, there is perhaps nothing more exhilarating than finding great deals on items that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg. Weeding through items at garage sales and thrift stores can often lead to surprising finds, such as first edition Hemingway books or finding pricey handbags for a few dollars. However, it can be a time-consuming and even frustrating process that doesn’t lead to any purchases most days.

This is why our estate consultant suggests you consider taking a step up and start purchasing from estate sales. These can seem intimidating since estate sales are often seen to be the realm of antique dealers who will easily price items two to three times the original purchasing price in their stores. However, it is worth a look since items are meant to sell quickly so you can typically find both regular people picking through items and goods at prices lower than online auction sites.

Check out the suggestions our estate consultant has for items you shouldn’t pass over at your first estate sale.


Whether you are looking to simply upgrade your everyday drinkware from red plastic cups or if you’re looking for vintage snifters to better enjoy your well-aged French brandy, purchasing glassware is one of the best deals you can find at estate sales. Most buyers tend to find sets for mere dollars and, if you’re lucky, they may never have left the original box.


Another great deal our estate consultant suggests purchasing is dishware. Prices are generally similar to glassware and you have a better chance of finding complete sets here than in thrift stores. Depending on the home these are being sold from, you can find everything from vintage Corelle dish sets that remind you of Grandma’s home cooking to fine china that you swear could be featured in an episode of Downton Abbey.


Our estate consultant says that the difference between silverware and flatware is material; silverware is, as suggested in the name, made from silver while rose gold flatware is typically made of steel or stainless steel. Finding deals on authentic silverware can be difficult but estate sales are a perfect place to start. You are more likely to find complete sets in top notch condition or even unused through estate sales.


Moving on to bigger purchases, another suggestion is to look for furniture at estate sales. You are more likely to find solid wood furniture here, many of which can also be vintage or even heirloom pieces that have been lovingly cared for throughout the years.


Finally, our estate consultant suggests that estate sales are some of the best places you can find quality, unique jewelry at low prices. Be sure to fully inspect jewelry pieces for any signs of damage (nicks, scratches, missing gems) and check if there is a stamp on the item. When you do purchase an item, you have the option to take it to a local jewelry appraiser to check how much the item is truly worth.