As an estate consultant, we typically see, evaluate, read, and write about women’s jewelry. It only makes sense because it makes up a significant part of the jewelry market, whether we are talking about inexpensive costume jewelry or more pricey investment pieces like an engagement ring. But what about the men? Today we are going to shift the focus in this article from women’s to men’s pieces. With Father’s Day coming up and a recent announcement about the expansion of a celebrity jewelry endorsement, we feel the men could use a little love in this area.

Earlier this week, this estate consultant learned that Zales Jewelers announced the expansion of the popular Shaquille O’Neal jewelry collection to all of their 700-plus U.S. stores. The retired basketball star’s jewelry line features nearly 90 different jewelry pieces which range from sleek, low key chain necklaces to diamond stud earrings. Many of the styles also seem to be right on point with growing trends in men’s jewelry: the designs and colors show an understated sophistication and one-third of the collection focuses on men’s bracelets. In fact, O’Neal also stated that his drive to create the line was influenced by men’s growing needs to appear “stylish and sharp” at any budget.

It seems that for quite sometime, the trend in men’s jewelry was limited to wearing simply a watch and an wedding ring. Clearly that seems to be changing and men are starting to make up a larger part of the jewelry market, something this estate consultant is pleased to see. According to research by the NPD Group, sales in men’s jewelry grew approximately 9% in 2014 and expanded 13% between 2012 and 2014. It also seems men are no longer relegating themselves to a simple trio of wedding ring, watch, and cufflinks. Bracelets of all fashions and materials have started to emerge as a growing trend and it also seems that men are starting to see jewelry in similar ways as women: as a supplement to their style.

One Miami-based retailer added that because of this change in attitude, many men are also willing to pay more for the right statement items. Men also are also starting to experiment more frequently with materials, moving from simple leather, brass, and silver items to gold and precious stones. However, don’t expect these to look flashy and larger-sized duplicates of women’s jewelry. Men are still more likely to choose items that are understated, such as matte finishes, oxidized metals, and black diamonds. These certainly are items any estate consultant would be proud to appraise!

So, with Father’s Day a little over a week away this estate consultant would suggest looking into a jewelry item for your old man. With the growing men’s market, you can be sure to find a simple, understated piece that both he and your wallet can agree on. While we can’t guarantee that his on-court skills will improve, he can at least feel like a star when he gets dressed each morning.