It is definitely a time of celebration for Dani Jacobsen, mother of two, as she has received back her precious jewelry after two years. It was flushed by her 2 and ½ year old son and today she proclaims it the biggest miracle of her life by getting back her jewelry even after losing all hope. The family had put forth a lot of unsuccessful efforts for so long in attempts to recover it.

Estate consultant Arizona is reporting about a family in a B.C. town where a 2 and ½ year kid named Cohen one day found a pair of diamond rings and wedding band of his mothers near a bath tub. While searching for these items, his parents asked him whether he has seen them, he simply replied that he had “flushed those pretties”.

It was really the biggest shock for Jacobsen and her husband who initiated the search operation by even breaking the toilet! Jacobsen even crawled below the house just to check the toilet pipes and also dug up other sewage pipes but was left empty handed.

They then hired a professional septic service provider at Salmon Arm in order to pump out the waste in a tank of 5×8 feet dimension. During this treatment when small amount of sludge was left, David went inside through small openings to check at the very bottom but after this last unsuccessful trial it became quite obvious that it was not possible to find the missing jewelry.

AZ Jewelry Appraisers recently learned that after 3 years of that unforgettable incident, David and his family decided to sell their house. The septic tank needed to be pumped out so they called Jacob Starnyski to execute the septic treatment job. Starnyski stated that “…I used to clean up hundreds of tanks per year, but this one was really a special case”. It was the last time they decided to search for that missing ring and band. This time Jacobson and her husband were so surprised to see their missing rings from the waste.

Cohen, their son who originally lost the rings is now five years old and he since has left his misplacing habits behind. This time his younger brother who is two years old has picked up some similar misplacing behavior and the family still keeps jewelry in a safe place.
While the estate consultant Arizona recounts this story, Jacobson said that this incident has taught them best lesson of their life and now they keep their valuables out of reach, especially not in the bathroom. They are really happy for the sincere efforts of their septic man, who was actually the real hero in finding the jewels. Syarnyski still says that “if you do good then there is no chance of facing bad situations in life; your good deeds will definitely show reflections in your life and it bring back all good to you by making your life more beautiful”.