Every once in a while there is a spectacular piece of jewelry which has become a part of a larger news story. This is exactly what happened this week when Landry Fields proposed to Elaine Alden. His proposal was accompanied by a magnificent ring which was designed around a 3.5 to 4 carat center diamond. Engagement Rings Shop in seattle wa was the place this ring as made,  this diamond is surrounded by two rows of smaller diamonds in a setting called a halo and double pave with a classic double band. A jewelry appraisal would estimate that the retail value of this piece is between $100,000 and $110,000 due to the unique design and high quality.

Any appraiser like AZ jewelry appraisal would determine the exact value of this piece based on the color, cut and carat weight of the center stone predominantly but would also factor in the features of the smaller surrounding stones. Numerous instruments such as a gemological microscope, a refractometer and a 10x triplet lope would be used to closely examine each stone to determine a precise value for any of the three most common types of appraisals.
The most common appraisal is for replacement cost of a new piece of jewelry and is used for insurance purposes. This takes into account the quality and availability of the stones as well as the cost and time involved in making custom pieces. Another type of appraisal is replacement cost of a used piece which would apply in the case of antiques. This applies a value to pieces that are no longer in production or could not be replicated due to lack of availability of necessary materials. The final type of appraisal is a fair market value appraisal and it is used to determine a fair price for an item which is about to change hands. It provides relevant information for both the seller and the buyer before the terms of the transaction are finalized.

Another key factor when searching for a jewelry appraisal is the type of service that they offer. Many jewelers will ask that you come to their location and often you are required to leave the piece with them or wait while they disappear to another work area to examine the piece. But Az jewelry appraisal offers a more personal and exclusive level of service to its customers. The owner is happy to schedule a time to come to you and conduct the service completely in your presence. Your prized piece will never leave your sight and you will be certain that it was painstakingly and completely examined to determine its exact value.
In the case of the amazing Alden/Laundry engage ring, even though the happy couple is certainly more excited about planning their upcoming big day, it is important to take the time to visit a well-respected gemologist such as Az jewelry appraisers. Having this piece documented and recording the information for insurance purposes provides peace of mind and protection just in case the unthinkable happens. With that out of the way, the couple will be able to begin preparations for a wedding ceremony which will be as captivating and awe inspiring as their engagement ring and then embark on a long and happy life together.