You’ve made your pieces of jewellery, but what’s next? The designs sell themselves, but the way you present your jewellery is also part of the overall charm – so choosing the right jewellery packaging is extremely important. And you can get creative with it, too! Elevate your jewellery packaging with small decorative elements like ribbons and bows or branded stickers and personalised notes. Discover how to elevate and personalise your jewellery packaging in our blog.

Types of jewellery packaging
Struggling with deciding which type of jewellery packaging to use in your business? Nailing your brand image is key, which is why we’ve pulled together some of the most popular jewellery packaging types to help make this decision a little easier.

Jewellery boxes – From pendant and ring boxes to cufflink and earring boxes, discover a range of jewellery boxes designed with your needs in mind:

Wooden boxes – Ideal for those who are looking for a long-lasting storage solution for their jewellery pieces.
Leatherette boxes – A classic design that offers a high-quality and top-end finish to your jewellery brand.
Paper and card boxes – Perfect for keeping your designs safe in transit.

Jewellery pouches – We offer a range of jewellery pouches in a variety of colours, styles and sizes. The drawstrings offer a tight and secure solution to jewellery packaging – protecting your pieces from dust, scratches and general wear and tear.
Jewellery gift bags – The perfect carrier for smaller sized boxes and ideal for in-store sales. Let your customers walk away with a branded jewellery bag that can draw in new customers and increase brand awareness.

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Customised jewellery packaging ideas
It may be an afterthought for some, but choosing the right branded jewellery packaging is a great way to boost awareness and keep your customers coming back. We stock hundreds of jewellery packaging ideas to complete with detailed finishing touches, but how do you personalise your jewellery packaging? We’ve put together a few customisation ideas that can be used to create beautifully bespoke jewellery packaging.
A simple yet effective way of personalising your jewellery packaging that’s suitable for smaller, start-up businesses. Jazz up your packaging with some coloured ribbon that customers can recognise time and time again. Tie around your jewellery boxes or seal your gift bag with a bow for a delicate finishing touch. You can even have your ribbon branded with your company name or logo to add that extra detail, but if budget doesn’t currently stretch then your brand colour palette is a great place to start.
Branded stickers
Getting your own branded stickers to display on boxes and bags is a quick and low-cost way to achieve personalised jewellery packaging. It’s a simple choice that can achieve amazing results – whether you’re a smaller company or a bigger franchise. When designing your stickers, be sure to include your company name and/or logo and your branded colours to make sure your product and packaging is recognisable. For slightly bigger stickers, you can also include your website URL or contact number.
Hand-drawn illustrations
If you have the time, hand-drawing illustrations onto your packaging adds a unique, personal touch and you can get creative with it, too. From illustrated diamonds to seasonal sketches that are ideal for those Valentine’s or Christmas purchases!
Engraving is the process of incising a design onto a flat surface, cutting grooves to form shapes and often letters. Many metal, plastic, leather and wood items can be engraved or etched, so this method is a great way to replicate your branding across a range of mediums – from jewellery packaging, to jewellery pieces themselves and more. This is a long-lasting technique that is sure to stand the test of time. So, whether you’re engraving your logo, brand name or strapline onto your packaging, this is a great way to show off your brand.
The process of embossing is similar to engraving – except you are compressing the material rather than scratching it. This method is ideal for leather jewellery packaging as it immediately elevates it with a luxurious, classy look. Embossed leather lasts a lifetime so is the perfect choice for keeping a piece of jewellery safe and secure.
Hot foil stamping
Again, hot foil stamping is a more expensive option that may be better for those with an already established business who may be looking to rebrand. Essentially, the design is etched onto a metal die which is then heated. The foil is positioned on the surface of the paper or box and stamped with the hot die. The foil then bonds to the surface and leaves a sleek, metallic effect in its place! This method can add a touch of luxury to your packaging, with a picture-perfect finish. And if you’re branching out, you can hot foil stamp your business cards, invitations to brand events and more – keeping the design consistent throughout and strengthening the appearance of your brand.
Personalised messages
If you sell your products online, adding a small postcard into the delivery packaging is the perfect way to personalise your packaging and make your customer feel great. For larger businesses, pre-ordering printed cards is the way to go. But for smaller retailers, hand-writing personal messages to customers is a great way to add a touch of personality to their order.
Discover a range of jewellery packaging at Cooksongold
Hopefully now you’re feeling much more inspired with our branded jewellery packaging ideas. But to create your bespoke jewellery packaging, you need to start with the basics. Browse the selection of jewellery boxes and packaging at Cooksongold and find everything you need to move forward with your jewellery making business today.
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