This tutorial will help you to create a Beaded Bar Bracelet
You will need the following items to complete this tutorial:
Hemp Cord, different colours, 1mm thick
Dyed Aqua Jade Faceted Semi Precious Round Beads 4mm
Argentium Silver Beads Plain Round 4mm
Sterling Silver Silicone Stopper Ellipse Bead 6mm
Ecosilver Round Wire 0.50mm, 10cm long 
Superglue Cyanolit
Step 1: Form a loop at the end of the wire

Create a loop at the end of the 10cm wire, and wire wrap it close.
Step 2: Add a few semi-precious beads to the wire

I’ve added 8 beads for my beaded bar. You can add as many as you like, as long as you leave enough wire in the end to form a closed loop (this would be at least 2cm). Close the loop on the wire
Step 3: Add the hemp cord bracelets

Cut 2 15cm hemp cord to form the bracelets. Thread one cord through one of the loops in the bead bar and tie a knot, leaving approximately 12cm for the bracelet. Repeat on both sides.
Step 4: Dab some glue on the knots

Add a bit of glue on the knots to secure them and keep them from fraying when you cut the excess string. Allow the glue to dry before cutting.
Step 5: Add the stopper bead

Thread both bracelet cords through the same end on the stopper bead. You might need to create a needle using some excess wire.
Step 6: Add a silver bead on each cord

Thread a silver bead on each bracelet cord. You can dab some glue at the tip of the cord to harden it and keep it from fraying when you thread the bead.
Step 7: Finish

Tie a knot at the end of each cord. Dab some glue on the knots to secure them.
Enjoy your beautiful new bracelet!
Many thanks to Raissa aka Abloro Jewellery for creating this beautiful Beaded Bar Bracelet tutorial for us. If you try this out and share it on social media, then please do make sure you tag us in so we can see. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more…

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