As AZ jewelry appraisers, we like to frequent the Internet to see what news is going on both locally and globally in the jewelry business. It not only provides ample information for us on trends and reports but also can be beneficial to you, the consumer. How so? Take this study for example.


Earlier this month, Business Review completed a piece about a study performed by iSense Solutions. The study reported that only 11% of Romanian consumers bought jewelry from online stores. While younger generations are slightly more inclined to buy any kind of jewelry online, based on prices and convenience, a significant number of consumers still make purchases in-store. The primary reason for this? Consumers still prefer (and heavily rely on) the personalized assistance they receive when they visit a storefront that specializes in jewelry.

The same study also indicated that approximately 64% of Romanian consumers felt that visiting a storefront with specialized staff provided the best information on the jewelry. Another statistic from the study showed that about 45% of men in the study reported that the shop’s reputation was also a major influence in both visiting and purchasing jewelry, whether for themselves or as a gift.


On the other hand, moving towards online sales can still benefit local AZ jewelry appraisers and retailers. One example is the Washington-based family-owned jewelry store Tiny Jewel Box. Lauded as a decades old store that has survived well through the introduction of online shops, Tiny Jewel Box has not only expanded its physical location but also their internet presence. Such a move not only increases the clientel base but also makes research, selection, and purchasing easier on time-limited consumers.


While the growth of online jewelry sales has increased in recent years, there is still a market for locally based Scottsdale jewelry appraisers and jewelry retailers. This is beneficial not just for AZ jewelry appraisers but also for local consumers. As suggested in the study, an overwhelming majority of consumers do prefer to make their purchases in-store due to the interaction and relationships built with a jeweler. Short of a small chat box in the corner of your screen or a long email chain, it can be difficult for online shops to mimic important discussions before significant purchases.

So, what does this mean for retailers and Scottsdale jewelry appraisers like us? It shows that consumers, no matter where they are located, still prefer the personalized, in-person attention they receive from visiting a storefront, especially boutique retailers. The knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, the relationship these smaller businesses foster are difficult to match with big box retailers and their online counterparts.

This includes AZ jewelry appraisers like ourselves, where we pride ourselves in developing a trusting rapport with clients. This is key since we routinely handle our client’s treasured jewelry, which are often family heirlooms. Online appraisals can be a difficult since an appraiser is unable to see the item first hand and cannot make a thorough inspection. Why risk losing out on potential hundreds of dollars in an appraisal when you can have AZ jewelry appraisers give a complete and accurate detailing of treasured jewelry?