AZ Jewelry Appraisers have noticed that, after two months of remodeling their store front.Alyssa and Anne’s Fine jewelry are now ready to open. After repainting, working on the floor and redecorating. Alyssa and Anne Fine Jewelry plans to open its doors at 2028 W. Ninth Ave.Nov. 27, Black Friday.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal has found out that all the rings in this particular store have been and made by Alyssa and Anne Nguyen. These two artists are sisters and the co-owners of the jewelry shop. Glendale Jewelry Appraisal discovered that Alyssa plans on running the shop from

Oshkosh while the sister will be designing the rings while attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Glendale Jewelry Appraisal noted that the Nguyen family has had a long history and roots in jewelry design. Alyssa and Anne’s dad have worked in the jewelry industry for 30 years. Its only after a ring making an elective class at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point coming up that prompted him to abandon his major in math and go to the Gemological Institute of America, to follow his path.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal noted Alyssa Nguyen saying, “You really have to pay attention to the details. When you are designing something, you need to be completely accurate.” The two sisters literally grew up around their fathers work. Alyssa Nguyen becomes enamored with jewelry in the summer after she had graduated from high school. She took to keep busy through a ring making the course.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal recorded the process; Alyssa uses to make the rings. It works as follows: Alyssa Nguyen normally starts with a great idea that is sparked with a gem. She will then use the stone to make a sketch of the ring she intends to craft on a piece of paper that fits the gem. The next step is to use the drawing to draft a model on her computer. After the drawing is done with the help of a drawing software, she plugs the design into the CNC mill, this a 20-pound machine that carves the ring’s design into wax. Once the wax rings are ready, Glendale Jewelry Appraisal notes that Alyssa Nguyen places them on clay, then kiln-fires that to form a mold for the ring to be crafted. After the ring is finished, she pours in molten gold.

Jewelry Appraisal noted that the shop only uses conflict-free gemstones, meaning that the profits from harvesting these diamonds do not fund rebel groups that are fighting active overseas governments, or rather are contributing to human rights abuses, poverty, and other ills.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal also discovered that that much of the gold that Alyssa Nguyen pours to make the ring has been used as a ring before. She is working towards using recycled gold only in the future. Many of the rings that are produced by chain jewelers in overseas factories are not built to last decades. This is because the producers mostly use low-quality gold or build the rings thinner to cut on costs.

Glendale Jewelry Appraisal noted Alyssa saying that “It’s just really cool to see rings that have lasted 100 years and longer,” she said. “We want to make heirlooms for people.”