Have you ever wondered about how some jewelers get their start in the business? In most cases, they get their start in childhood where a hobby slowly blossoms into career that spans most parts of their lives. For example, our AZ jewelry appraiser previously highlighted a Tucson-based jeweler who turned a small bracelet-making venture in her elementary school days into a business that gives back to her home community.


Today, we are focusing once again on an artisan who uses her jewelry making career to not only make a living but to also give back to her community in some way. That artisan is a South Carolina artisan whose jewelry endeavors began early but didn’t take root until later in her life. It goes to show that it is never too late to reach your career aspirations. Read on for more information!



A South Carolina based artisan jewelry maker, Jackie Stasney got her start in the business as a young child who had a fascination with rocks and gemstones. As detailed in a news interview, Stasney would collect rocks, minerals, and gemstones of all varieties during family trips. She began to fashion these into modest jewelry items for herself by wrapping wire around the minerals and attaching them to chain necklaces to wear as a statement piece. She eventually began selling to people who showed an interest in her custom items.


Although Stasney’s career didn’t begin to really take off until recently, she credits this early endeavor as the foundation of her work. Stasney returned to this career and saw plenty of opportunities to not only forge her artistic style but also to begin creating spaces for other artisans to showcase their work.



Not long after she revived her jewelry career, Stasney saw a need for fellow artisans to showcase their work on a more public level. With some work and determination, Stasney was able to create the Artisan Outpost in Johnsonville’s former library building. For the past two years, the Artisan Outpost has operated to help promote the work of local artists and artisans as well as a place for the locals to learn art techniques. As a result, this venue has also brought in plenty of new visitors into the small town, helping to not only increase the sales income for the artisans but also helped boost the local economy with the increased tourism.



True to the work ethic of any artisan, Stasney has continued taking courses to further develop her art and this shows in the evolution of her work. Stasney’s techniques still involve creating statement jewelry pieces with wire wrappings but they have become more intricate and often are designed to highlight the natural mineral variations. Stasney has also started to experiment with other jewelry techniques and materials in order to continue honing her skills.
Such a passion for her art, work ethic, and community is something that this AZ jewelry appraiser finds appealing in any burgeoning jewelry career.