Boho is back and this time, it brought turquoise. Fashion has always had a cyclical nature and 2016 is showing a big resurgence in the classic 60’s bohemian style. Nobody is more ready for the comeback than Arizonans. Turquoise has always had a home in Arizona folk art and now that the style is taking off, Arizonans can play the hipster card and say we’ve been into it before it was cool and in Arizona, Glendale fashion appraisals are more popular than ever. In fact, Arizona is home to the Kingman mine which has recently become one of the most in demand turquoise mines around thanks to the recent rise in popularity. A little known fact is that blue turquoise typically only comes from Arizona and the green comes from New Mexico. Now fashion designers everywhere have their eyes on the stone from the southwest and giving it the respect it deserves.
Part of the charm of turquoise is the history it carries throughout the world. It is actually the world’s oldest gemstone used for jewelry in human history. It dates back as far as the Egyptian empire stretching all the way to China and places beyond. All over the world, each culture would attribute different mystical powers to the stone. The legends around turquoise usually have to do with it blue color and understandably associating that deep blue to the healing, life giving properties of water. The Native American legend of turquoise is that the stone was created after the celebration of the return of rain after a long, harsh drought. The life giving and healing essence of the stone is said to ward off bodily harm and evil spirits.
The union of turquoise and bohemian fashion is long overdue. Turquoise blends perfectly with “Boho” due to the fact that its appearance can vary wildly depending on from where it’s mined. The natural look of turquoise can be seen inside the blue reminding the wearer of the natural beauty impressed upon each piece. Because of the unique attributes of the gem, only the most talented jewelry designers are able to work around the natural inlay instead of forcing it into just any framework. This variation allows for a more individualistic style and comfortably accents many different outfits. It is, after all, the flaw in the turquoise that gives it character and that’s what bohemian flair is all about. 2016 is a year of celebrating flaws and flawless gems are becoming more and more boring and played out. Turquoise encourages the wearer to express themselves and gives a fresh new outlet for stimulating their own artistic and creative selves.
However, those eager to jump on board the new trend should note that 90-95% of the turquoise sold online and in stores is fake so Glendale jewelry appraisals are particularly valued. But you should also take a little time to research how to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake.