Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève is the night that some call the biggest night in watchmaking and AZ Jewelry Appraisal is no stranger to the event. Eleuterio made a splash with their specially crafted and designed filigree jewelry. As far as jewelry appraisal goes, there is no finer night to experience the best of the best and to be exposed to some gems of AZ jewelry appraisal.

The Filigree technique in jewelry is an ancient and prized technique originating from Portugal. Invented by the seafaring Phoenicians thousands of years ago, the technique is rarely seen outside of its homeland of Portugal in its true, handmade form. For AZ jewelry appraisal the filigree technique is highly sought after and a glory to behold.

The process of Filigree involves spinning gold into fine wires that can be as thin as a human hair. After constructing the threads in a delicate process, the threads are then bent into shape to form lush and elaborate designs that would impress any impresario of jewelry appraisal. Traditionally, the threads are made from yellow gold and silver, however in recent times other colors of gold have been used which makes the job of AZ jewelry appraisal so much more exciting when a unique piece arrives.

The technique, often very prized in modern jewelry appraisal, is the specialty of maker Eleuterio. However the company takes a unique spin on the historical technique by placing precious diamonds within the designs and creating truly distinguished looks. In the opinion of AZ jewelry appraisal experts, the pieces are very fine and exquisite.

At the Grand Prix, Eleuterio showed pieces from their Couture line and their Heritage line. The Couture line, which is known in jewelry appraisal circles, and certainly very well known to AZ jewelry appraisal services, for being an iconic line. They showed a matching earrings and necklace set with latticework parts PVD coated with ruthenium. The necklace contained 177 diamonds while the earrings were set with a staggering 344 diamonds. These stones would make any expert from AZ jewelry appraisal giddy with joy.

The Heritage line is where one can find examples of the delicate and historical art of filigree, the true prize that az jewelry appraisal and jewelry appraisal experts seek. The advantages to the weave effect of the filigree technique is that the jewelry becomes much lighter to wear. The pieces are big and vibrant but not heavy to wear, for this reason az jewelry appraisal experts highly recommend these pieces.

Many people paid special attention to the filigree pieces in Eleuterio’s Heritage set at the show. Despite early doubts the brand saw much excitement and applause surrounding their display. Jewelry appraisal experts everywhere are keeping one eye focused on Eleuterio’s brand, and AZ jewelry appraisal experts specifically are fond of it.