Experts at AZ Jewelry Appraisal are with everyone else and love to find an exciting and unique piece brought in and determine what it’s worth. Finding out that grandma’s heirlooms are worth more than you expected is one of the great joys of jewelry appraisal. Jewelry appraisal can be much more than just the price of a piece however, and AZ jewelry appraisal experts would like to explore some of the various other reasons people might want to bring their piece in for a jewelry appraisal.

One common reason that AZ Jewelry Appraisal experts see from people who come in for jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes. Insurance companies want to see an official document from a jewelry appraisal expert to determine how much an object is worth in case of being lost or stolen. Experts at AZ Jewelry Appraisal are keen to determine the exact value of a piece so that it can be insured in case the worst happens.

Only through jewelry appraisal can a person obtain a formal appraisal report in order to show their insurance company. The jewelry appraisal verification will allow a person to add a rider to a policy so that their objects can be safely insured. AZ Jewelry Appraisal experts are always very happy to provide the jewelry appraisal services and reports for insurance purposes.

Jewelry appraisal reports are required for many legal reasons. Some reasons include:

• Charitable contribution
• Collateral loan
• Marital dissolution
• Conservatorship or guardianship
• Consumer resale
• Equitable distribution
• U.S. Customs issues

As well, it is important to understand that not all jewelry appraisal appointments are made equal. Often, an expert in a specific field is required to make an accurate estimate of the piece. AZ Jewelry Appraisal ensures that experts are qualified and knowledgeable about many types of pieces. Jewelry appraisal is a very delicate business and AZ jewelry appraisal is aware of how important they are for the customer.

When coming to AZ Jewelry Appraisal there is no doubt that you are a receiving an accurate jewelry appraisal. Never will a quality jewelry appraisal expert simply give an “appraised value,” instead for legal reasons there are more professional terms which are used. For example, a true jewelry appraisal expert (such as the ones at AZ Jewelry Appraisal) will always assign a “retail replacement value” or a “fair market value.” Only these values are accepted by insurance companies to record an accurate jewelry appraisal.

AZ Jewelry Appraisal is always delighted to deliver the highest expectation of service for any and all jewelry appraisal needs.