Back in the dinosaur days (i.e., the 1980s), the Casio Calculator Watch was a huge hit and one the first true forays into smartwatch technologies. While its capabilities were limited by today’s standards, it combined a standard digital watch with a built in calculator, stopwatch, and alarm. For geeks and non-geeks alike, this was a peek into what the future had in store in terms of combining technology with the aesthetics of jewelry.

While you may be hard pressed to find the calculator watch wrapped around many wrists these days, this AZ jewelry appraisal has taken note of the increase in wearable technology especially in the last two years. In fact, 2013 saw the release of smartwatches from Pebble, Samsung, Sony, and Qualcomm releasing Dick Tracy-like watches most people never would have imagined to see. Since then a host of other wearables have risen in popularity, especially with fitness trackers. However, there still seems to be a disconnect between wearable technologies that are practical, yet redundant, extensions of our smartphones and those of simple aesthetic uses as jewelry is typically known for.

That is where this AZ jewelry appraisal service has seen the need for a greater increase in terms of aesthetics in wearable technologies since many of these appear to be chunky plastic or silicone items that hang from the body. Fortunately, some jewelers have seen a similar need to make that change. For example, earlier this month a leading jewelry trade show was held in Las Vegas and a portion of one exhibit was dedicated towards demonstrating the crossing of jewelry and technology. These items ranged in styles, uses, and affordability but each managed to beautifully illustrate how technology and style could intersect.

One example our AZ jewelry appraisal found to be stunning were LED lights woven into floral embroidery pieces by Forster Rohner Textile Innovations. While not jewelry items per se, or a major technical advance, the items still connected a technology with certain aesthetic qualities found in fashion. A combination of color, textures, and pattern through old-school techniques and a hint of shine added with the tiny LED lights.

Another item that our AZ jewelry appraisal loved that was featured in the trade show was the Swarovski Shine by Misfit. This item performed one of the more stunning integrations of style and technology by creating a fitness tracker that looks nothing like the typical silicone device. The most noticeable part of the device is the large, multifaceted crystal that is bonded with a sensing hardware to create a unique, beautiful tracker you will actually want to wear out to dinner.

Finally, this AZ jewelry appraisal also found the Ear-O-Smart to be another surprising innovation that gives new meaning to the saying “form follows function.” While not yet available for sale, the Ear-O-Smart somehow manages to combine a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and calorie tracker in one little device that rests against your ear like any other stud earring.

With all these examples, our AZ jewelry appraisal is excited to see where the intersection of technology and aesthetics will take us in the near future.