In the last few years, the online retail market has skyrocketed. In some cases, not having a web presence can potentially be disastrous for any store no matter the size of the shop. It creates another avenue for both new and returning customers to review a retailer’s stock and purchase items at their convenience. In fact, those shops that have taken the time to develop and refine their internet presence over the years have a bigger advantage over the ones that are just getting started.

One online retailer that our AZ gemologist will review today is Angara Inc. The India-based online shop just recently celebrated their tenth anniversary for online business and have created a model that other jewelry retailers have sought to emulate over the years. However, it is the same principles that quality storefronts use in their models that has helped Angara to become an established, well-recognized online retail shop.

Angara Inc. first established their online presence in 2005, the same year that YouTube began and web pages were just starting to look more elegant. It was founded by Ankur Daga, a graduate of the Harvard Business School and someone already quite savvy in jewelry sales. For three generations, his family worked in the jewelry business and it was that experience that pushed him to evolve the family business for a more modern world.

Since their beginnings, Angara based their business on three principles: offering quality gemstone jewelry, focusing on fine handcrafting, and the option for customization. This AZ gemologist found that the original online jewelry shop started with a decent stock of several hundred jewelry items. These were set with one of five gemstones: diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emerald, and tanzanite. Today that stock has flourished into the tens of thousands and they now carry 25 different gemstones in different sizes and cuts to create more opportunities for creating customized items. This also includes dedicating a significant portion of their online store to engagement and wedding jewelry that fits any consumer budget.

As part of their long online presence, Angara has helped set the standard for how online jewelry stores operate. The main idea is to center the business around the customer. Angara has focused on creating products and services at prices consumers love, as well as offering better security over purchases and shipments.

This is a good thing, too, because our AZ gemologist knows that trends have shown that online jewelry sales won’t be stopping any time soon. In fact, the online retail market continues to grow each year across the world. This is a result of numerous reasons: consumers have become more trusting in the reputations of these shops, they often cite finding better prices, and even having a more positive experience with online shopping than in a traditional jewelry store.

With this outcome in becoming an established online presence, we would like to again extend our congratulations to Angara for their ten positive years in the business. Hopefully, we see more shops in the future celebrating such success.