We all get bedazzled by the glittery elegance of diamonds. Even the humblest among us can’t help but feel special at the thought of owning a piece of diamond jewelry. After all, we all see it in movies – royal kings and queens sporting diamond-encrusted crowns, a spoiled heiress flaunting a satin gown bedecked with these translucent, tear-shaped gems. Indeed, diamonds are the embodiment of the finest qualities and standards that human beings can ever aspire to.


So, we all know how captivating diamonds can be, but do we know all there is to know about these special gems? Here, we share some interesting facts about diamonds that will blow your mind:


Surprise, Surprise! There Are Diamonds in Space

According to scientists, there are white dwarf stars in space that contain a diamond core in each one of them. But the most mind-blowing facts of all is that there’s a planet that is composed mostly of carbon. Scientists believe that this planet is composed of one-third pure diamond. This planet is named “55 Cancri e”, perhaps too bland a name for a thing of beauty, huh? Yeah, we think so too. Scientists have also discovered another star that is basically a diamond of ten billion trillion carats. And they named this star “Lucy” after the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Now, that’s a name befitting a glamorous star.


An Everlasting Gem for an Everlasting Marriage

The ancient Greeks used to believe that these gems were the tears of gods or splinters of falling stars. While the Romans, the romantics that they were, believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds, and these diamonds are believed to be the reason why people fall in love.


Perhaps that’s how diamonds came to be the favorite gem for engagement rings. Nowadays, bride-to-be’s would gush or scream at the sight of their beaus asking for their hands while offering a diamond engagement ring, as its widely believed that those who are engaged with a diamond ring will have a rock-solid marriage as well.


Diamonds Are For Everyone or Are They?

Essentially, diamonds are available to all of us. Unlike in the past when if a peasant is seen wearing a diamond, they would automatically deal with some serious punishment. These days, all of us can purchase diamonds, but they remain an immensely expensive piece of gem that most of us would rather spend our cash on other items.


Only a few rich and those who bothered to save their middle-class earnings can buy diamond jewelry. Perhaps that’s the reason why eighty percent of the mined diamonds are sold in New York – the place where all the business magnates and billionaire celebrities gravitate towards.


An Investment That’s More Valuable Than You Can Imagine

Are you about to get divorced and you’re wondering how to split in half your diamond jewelry? Perhaps you have an emergency and you need to pawn off your diamonds for a while? Diamonds are good investments as these can be exchanged for a great value. And there’s no need to search for buyers as diamonds are too fantastic to run out of willing buyers.


So if you’re planning to sell or get the value of your diamond item, make sure that you let a professional diamond consultant/gemologist appraise it properly. If you’re somewhere in the Phoenix area, turn to Mr. Connelly and have him appraise the fair market value of your diamond for estate probate, divorce settlement, or selling.