Jewelry has always been considered as a closet staple for decades. These are handy accessories that can significantly improve any outfit. There is a particular preference for handmade jewelry. Listed below are a few facts that you may not know about handmade jewelry:

You are supporting real people

Handmade jewelry pieces are not mass-manufactured. They are usually small businesses that apply their craft into the form of wearable fashion. These small businesses cannot afford fancy equipment for mass production. Each piece is handmade and personal. Each piece has witnessed sweat and labor in order to attain completion. By purchasing a handmade jewelry, you make a personal and direct connection with the artist. That is definitely more rewarding than letting your money go to multi-million corporations who do not need each sale to feed themselves for another day.

There is a story for each piece

Whenever an artist crafts a piece, it takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and creativity. This essentially means that that piece is literally a part of their life. That piece has a story as to why it is created. It is a product of inspiration from real-life events. Handmade jewelry possesses unique designs that narrate a unique story.

The artist’s process

As aforementioned, there is no huge machinery involved in the creation of each piece. The process of creating a piece is very intimate and personal. It blooms from a spark of inspiration from an artist, which turns into a concept, which becomes a design, which then gives birth to a piece. Each piece is special because it undergoes a very personal process. The intricate designs and carvings are from the hand. Every graceful curve and bend is a product of an artist’s skill. To arrive at such level of expertise means that the artist has accumulated numerous practices in the past.

Stellar materials

Personalized pieces are made of materials that are of stellar quality. This is largely due to the fact that they’re not for mass consumption. Each stone is handpicked to your preference. Handmade pieces utilize materials from trusted suppliers. In comparison, mass-produced jewelry use alloys that are not pure and are usually cheap and unsustainable.

If you are given a choice between handmade jewelry and mainstream jewelry, pick the former. Spend your money on something worthwhile, on something that can significantly impact someone’s life.