The prestigious accreditations and volume of experience that Robert Connelly GG (GIA), GD, AGA, NAJA, ISA AM has built the AZ JEWELRY APPRAISERS practice upon, mean far more than exceptional bullet-points to a resume. Connelly has extensive wholesale and retail trade knowledge which has reached such places as Brazil & Switzerland.


We value your ongoing trust in our integrity. That’s why, without exception, we will only purchase jewelry that we haven’t personally appraised. Every appraisal will conclude with both you and your insurance agent receiving a detailed PDF copy of our report.


Mr. Connelly regularly travels to meet with clients and perform complete appraisals face-to-face, as befits their schedules. As always, your jewelry will never leave your sight. What’s more, we know that your time is as precious as any gemstone. We strive to complete every appraisal with the most efficient turnaround time in Phoenix or any other market.

It has never been easier to have your jewelry appraised.

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