Get to know them and their amazing work now
by Marion Fasel

For The Adventurine’s annual list of who will be huge in the forthcoming year in jewelry, we always try to find a diverse bunch that reflect several perspectives. Not all of the designers on this annual hot list are new names. Some have been making jewelry for over a decade, others have been in business for just a few years. A couple work at the very highest end of the business. There is one costume collection with pieces that only cost a few hundred dollars. What unites the group is that each has a strong unique vision that reflects what dynamic women want now. Get to know six jewelry designers we feel will be huge in 2019 and, as the saying goes, watch this space for all kinds of exciting stories on designers throughout the year.

SABBA—The Bold and The Beautiful

Alessandro Sabbatini, the designer behind the jaw dropping SABBA collection, is an anomaly. He doesn’t have an Instagram account. He prefers to focus on the quality of his work. Sounds like the description of jewelry veteran, someone who has been around for awhile, right? Wrong. Alessandro is a millennial. He launched his line in 2014 at the tender age of 26 after a stint designing High Jewelry for Cartier. His collection can be found exclusively in the United States at FD Gallery. The most sensational pieces are giant earrings set with stunning gemstones. When I asked Alessandro what inspires him, he replied simply “women.” He thinks of stylish collectors from the past and the clients he works with so closely today. I can’t name names, but if I told you who was looking at his jewelry while I was reviewing it you would know them. The designer’s most high-profile moment of 2018, occurred when supermodel Gisele Bundchen chose to wear a pair of his earrings to the MET Gala in May. She can be seen in the photo at top.

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