According to AZ jewelry appraisals the California-based analog smartwatch developer Martian Watches just rolled out a new slate of products that are a built around the company’s new Martian mVip discreet notification technology. The new products that have been launched are aimed at the female consumer and include the Kindred VIP collection for women’s analog notification smart watches and jewelry.

AZ jewelry appraisal noted that the Kindred VIP has no discernible technology on its watch face and only discreet LED alert light that is located on the side of the case at the 6 o’clock position. This allows the user to create and customize their own VIP groups defining the discrete vibration patterns, in combination with seven unique consumer assigned LED color notifications through the Martian Smart mVip companion app, this was according to the company.

Furthermore, the Kindred Vip features a built-in accelerator for step and sleeps tracking, and its fitness data will be open for use in the apps and ecosystems like Google Fit, Up by Jawbone and many others.
AZ jewelry appraisals noted that the Kindred V.I.P watch has a rounded watch face with a diameter of 38mm that is set in a stainless steel case. Consumers can be able to get the case in a variety of different colors, including the ion-plated rose gold and black polished stainless Steele. The watch also comes with an interchangeable Italian leather strap and stainless steel bracelets. In fact, this particular watch series is divided into two collections the CL and the SP.

The CL collection basically features watch designs that are supposedly ideal for dressing smart during the day or evening occasions. The SP collection, on the other hand, is for the athletic minded and has a more colorful and vibrant appearance.
The SP collections are supposed to be sportier. The watch has standout hardware features for both collections, and they include an LED light for notifications that the user is able to customize seven different colors to using the Martian Smart mVip app. The watch has dual batteries, one of the batteries in analog and is able to last for two years while the other is lithium for smart features and lasts up to three weeks.

According to AZ jewelry appraisals, Martian Watches having borrowed the same discrete notification technology, it was able to collaborate with PC jeweler Limited to develop a new line of smart jewelry. AZ Jewelry Appraisals noted that Martian has explained that the Kindred vip smart bracelet has embedded in them on of the smallest and slimmest water resistance wireless Bluetooth notification modules that are available today.

The discrete LED alert light that is located at the top of the bracelet will be able to alert the wearer through a vibration motor that is hidden inside the device. And like the company’s smartwatches, the kindred VIP smart jewelry notification are customizable.
According to AZ jewelry appraisals these new set of products along with Martian’s latest line of Men’s Active  Voice command smart watches will be on display at the company’s booth (#72742) at the Sands Expo Center during the CES 2016.