Jewelry is fashion staples because it can upgrade any outfit from drab to fab. They also come in various designs, depending on what you need. There are pearl sets appropriate for formal and mature events, diamonds for glamorous nights, and lengthy gold chains that are perfect for the summer.

The good thing about jewelry is that it’s not exclusive to the rich. Nowadays, there are numerous affordable pieces and it’s just about finding where they are located. Here are a few options as to where you can purchase affordable jewelry:

Shopping centers

Malls have everything, but you’d discover that while there are official jewelry stores, there are cheaper counterparts in the department store. Check out the off-brand pieces in the department store and you’ll see that you can save a few bucks with them.


There are a lot of online jewelry shops that you can choose from! Most of them are cheap because they do not require complex machinery to be manufactured. The only problem is usually the shipping fee, but there are bundle deals that can get you a few dollars off.

Local jewelry stores

Buying handmade jewelry is also a good idea. Since these are small businesses from designers, they don’t have additional costs for the expensive machinery. Buying from them is also more meaningful than purchasing from a manufacturer because you can directly impact their lives. You’ll know for a fact that your money goes directly into supporting an artist’s career.

Antique shops

Antique shops have vintage pieces that are timeless and will never go out of style. The fact that they’ve withstood the test of time means that they are durable. There are cheap finds in antique stores if you look hard enough. You can also look for a basic piece then upgrade it with designs like a new pendant or a more modern clasp. You can also have them plated.

Garage and estate sales

Another man’s trash could be your treasure. You can look for nearby garage sales and rifle through their stuff for jewelry. For classier and more expensive pieces, you might want to check out the estate sales from good neighborhoods.

There are endless places from which you can find cheap jewelry. You just have a clear image of what you want and the persistence to go through all the options. Happy shopping!