For many people, minerals and gems are the shiny and sparkling stones found in jewelry. However, to some, gemstone and mineral collection is the deeper appreciation of the beautiful crystals and stones found underneath the surface of the Earth. Most often, these stones adorned in pieces of jewelry are polished. However, these can be as beautiful even in their unpolished and raw form.

If you are interested in starting a mineral and gem collection of your own, you can check out the important things you should know about starting a gem collection.

Educate Yourself First

It is important that you educate yourself first before starting a gem collection. Many books today will help and guide you in starting your passion. Choose books that will help you identify the rocks, crystals, and gems. Take note of the rocks that attracts you or the colors that strike you. Other books also contain the best locations for different kinds of minerals. You can also check the Internet and read blogs and journals of experienced gem collectors to learn more about the hobby.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Aside from learning gem and mineral collecting the traditional way, you can also take advantage of the social media. You can search for accounts of collectors and sellers of gems and minerals on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Aside from this, most collectors share their collections on their social media and even disclose where they purchase or get their gems.

This can also help you build the connection with others who share the same passion as yours. There are also several hashtags that you can follow on social media to see other collections. From there, you can learn how these gems and minerals are displayed. You can also discover new specimens that you cannot find in most books.

Get a Touch of Your Collection

You can buy many minerals, rocks, and gems online. However, it is important that you personally experience touching and feeling these stones physically. There is something magical in this experience. You can visit shops selling crystals or minerals to start your passion. Traveling and collecting gems are two great ways to nourish your spirit, free your mind, and fuel your passion.

Store Your Collection

This is one of the most important factors often overlooked by gem and mineral collectors. Before starting you gem collections, make sure that you have a place to store and highlight your items. Being able to see and feel your collection is one of the most gratifying parts in collecting.

In addition, consider storing your gems and minerals in places that are out of reach of children or pets. Check also that the place is stable where your collection will not fall or break.

Organize Your Gem Collection

When your collection starts to grow, you can organize it any way you want. The most common, however, is arranging it based on colors or group them on polished and unpolished clusters. Keep track of your collection by listing the names of the stones and minerals. You can create a list or make an inventory of all the items that you have. You can take a picture of each one and put a label. This will be very useful in the future especially if you are selling your collection or simply showcasing it.

Attend Events about Gem Collecting

Because of the rising popularity of gem collecting, there are always local events for gems, minerals, and rock collectors. All across the United States, there are flea markets and shows related to the hobby. Make sure to attend these kinds of events to increase your knowledge and to connect with other passionate collectors.

Keep your Gem Collection Clean

This is the most important part of collecting. It is always important to keep your items in good condition by cleaning them always. Dust your gems or rocks often and remember that each mineral has a specific cleaning requirement. There are pieces that need to be wet often. Others are not allowed to get wet. Some pieces require sunlight often.