Summer is just around the corner. Even if it’s still a few months away, you’ll find that time flies pretty fast and before you know it, the sun is shining and it’s once again the season for beach trips and tan lines. The reason why you should start preparing as early as now is that everything’s on sale. Summer trends are quite predictable and you’ll save so much more shopping now than during the season itself. To find out what you should shop for, here are a few trends:


Don’t be scared to go all-out on summer bling. Anything loud and wild is acceptable for summer. If you want bright pieces, you can opt for floral rings or gemmed necklaces, My friend showed me gorgeous earrings she picked up at Kaylah Diamonds & Jewelry.  As for the color, gold and copper jewelry are more suitable. You can try layering gold chains around your neck or wearing multiple metallic bangles on your arm. You may also want to wear big hooped earrings as they suit practically any outfit. To check for the authenticity of the pieces you are about to purchase, consider consulting an appraiser.


Anything bright and flowy is a must! Try floral tops that are loose. Pair those tops with denim shorts or plain white shorts. Summer dresses are also timeless pieces for the season. For the dresses, you can opt for anything brightly colored or something with a floral pattern. There are also slip-on that you can use to cover up your swimsuit. Avoid dark colors such as black, gray, and brown. Those colors may be worn, but keep it to a minimum. They’re sad and they’re also not very breathable. You’ll be sweltering under the sun if you wear dark clothing items.


Flip flops are advisable because they go well with any summer outfit. They’re also very comfortable and usually water resistant so that you can walk along the shore without fear of ruining them. As for tourist trips that involve more semi-formal get-ups, you might want to use doll shoes or flats. They’re very comfortable and you can walk all they in them without compromising your style.


Your bags must go with the color palette of bright and sunny themes. This is with the exception of when your outfit is already too colorful. Trendy summer bags include baskets or anything woven, usually in a lighter shade of brown. Tote bags are a great idea, too. Make sure that the bag you choose can carry all the summer items you need without hurting your shoulders.


Sunnies are a must. They protect your eyes from extreme sunlight while giving you a stylish finish. Find a pair that has UV protection and has a frame that suits your face shape. Tinted glasses are also popular, good as accents for plain outfits like a white summer dress.