Jewelry is always an important part of our human culture. In fact, anywhere in the world, people are wearing various designs and styles of pieces of jewelry to add glam and class to their look. Jewelry as accessories is always a great choice for expressing oneself.

The love for jewelry could be traced back to ancient times. Most often, these valuable shiny metals are passed on from generation to generation. In addition, our culture has taught us that jewelry is a perfect gift for special occasions in our lives.

To most of us, we receive jewelry during birthdays, wedding, or anniversary. Some give these precious jewels to celebrate the birth of a first-born child. In our modern society, a fiancé gives his partner an engagement ring as a prelude to their wedding.

Jewelry is one of the best gifts that a husband or wife could give to his or her partner. However, it does not only serve as a decoration. Through the years, jewelry has been considered as one of the best investments one can make in his or her lifetime.

Because it is a good investment, it is crucial that you know the real value of your jewelry. The best way to do know the value of your jewelry is through appraisals given by a credible jewelry appraiser. Here is a rundown of several details that you should know about a jewelry appraiser and its importance.

What is an Appraisal?

In the realm of jewelry, an appraisal is a qualified opinion about the design, quality, value, and authenticity of a piece of jewelry, timepiece, or precious stones. This is a statement professionally made and presented in writing and could be used by the buyer of the appraisal to be given to a particular insurance company for protection against theft, damage, or loss.

What is a Jewelry Appraiser?

According to the American Gem Society (AGS), a credible appraisal is best given by reputable appraisers who have undergone special training in both valuation theory and gemology. In addition, a jewelry appraiser should have an established integrity and maintains the highest level of professional standards. Most importantly, a trusted jewelry appraiser should strictly observe and follow the comprehensive Code of Ethics of the jewelry industry.

This set of rules is consists of the standards created by the American Gem Society (AGS). A skilled jewelry appraiser has the ability to identify the authenticity and worth of a piece of jewelry. Most of the time, they execute several methods in appraising jewelry. This includes observing the jewelry as well as making unremarkable experiments on it.

Jewelry Appraiser Helps in your Insurance Claims

In selecting your appraiser, it is important to go for someone who can give you a professional and unbiased opinion. The relationship between the buyer and the seller does not exactly consent unbiased neutrality. It is important to note that your jeweler has an interest in selling your jewelry. This may influence their ability to give an unprejudiced analysis.

It is also crucial to choose an independent appraiser since many retail jewelers are just masking as one and their opinion about your jewelry may just result to denial of claims from an insurance company. You can ask your jeweler for assistance in finding an independent and trusted jewelry appraiser.

Jewelry Appraiser Saves You Money

Most jewelry retailers place value on appraisals of their jewelry that is usually higher. It is very crucial that the appraisal of your jewelry is handled by a professional appraiser. This is because a trusted appraiser will give an accurate and not inflated appraisal. As a result, you will not have to spend for insurance replacement.

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