Are you having trouble figuring out how to accentuate your jewelry with your dress? Even though many know what they like, some have a difficult time finding the right jewelry for the occasion. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into accentuating your jewelry with your attire.


Here are some tips to help you in the right direction.


  •    Your accessory matches the occasion.


Using dangling jewelry doesn’t match all types of dress and occasion. If for instance, you are dressing for work, you might want to consider not using bangles and hanging bracelets.

When attending church, don’t use the jewelry you would use at a club. Make sure to consider where you’re going, what you will be doing, and how the jewelry suits the occasion.


  •     Simple jewelry goes hand-in-hand.


Consider using bracelets, watches, and earrings instead of showy jewelry. Even if you consider the material of your outfit, jewelry can come off just as tacky like busy prints.


  •    Using statement earrings.


If you want to emphasize your face, grab a pair of statement earrings. A flashy and glittery earrings that could highlight your eyes. In doing this, consider also the shape of your face and which pair will do the most to bring out the facial differences that make you.


  •      Compliment your skin tone with your jewelry.


Your jewelry shouldn’t just go with your outfit. Accessorize your outfit with your skin tone and jewelry. Cooler skin tones go well with red, blue, and purple as well as for white gold. On the other hand, for people with warmer skin tones, it nice to pair it with orange, yellow, and green gemstones.

  •      Cool colors for warm jewelry.


Colors with fiery and ambitious designs look great with black and white like rubies, amber gems, and canary diamonds.

  •      Warm colors with cool jewelry.


Most of the stylists this generation refer to the wheel color for inspiration. The color wheel could actually tell you that a warm and cool shades couls blend and match up.

Knowing the balance between cool and warm colors is a great advantage in accessorizing.


  •      Gold, black, and white.


When using gold, black, and white jewelry make sure to coordinate it with simple and classic attire. That would make you look elegant and classy.


Types of Jewelry To Accentuate With Any Outfit


  • Collar Necklace.


This accessory goes well with most of the neck design like V-necks, boat necks, turtlenecks, or off-shoulder.


  • Pearl Neckpiece.


It is one of the most famous astrological gems. A pearl jewelry is contemporary in fashion and comes in various designs.


  • Choker.


It is a classic piece that goes with every outfit from traditional, casual, and formal. It is around 14-16 inches long when worn.


Whether it is a pearl jewelry or any type of necklace, make sure to pair your jewelry with your outfit and most importantly to the occasion that you are going to attend. Make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings and keep your jewelry safe. If you need to have your precious jewelry appraised for insurance or other reasons, please contact us at AZ Jewelry Appraisers and we will be happy to help.