Jewelry is one of the best possessions anyone can have. We give or receive jewelry during special occasions in our lives. This includes engagement, birthday, wedding, and anniversary. When you receive a sparkling and shiny piece of metal or gem, the least that you want to think about is getting it stolen or damaged.

Realistically speaking, getting stolen or having it damaged, are just some of the imminent threats that could happen to your valued jewelry. These are just some of the reasons why you need to have your jewelry appraised.

Jewelry Should Be Insured

One of the reasons why you should have your jewelry appraised is for insurance purposes. The value of your valued pieces of jewelry can greatly fluctuate over time. If you have appraised your jewelry but it was done a couple of years ago, it may be outdated.  As a result, your jewelry could be insured at a value lesser than its replacement value. In case that your jewelry is lost, damaged, or stolen, you run the risk of a significant financial loss. It is important to note that you cannot successfully insure a piece of valuable jewelry unless it has been appraised properly.

Jewelry Can Be Replaced During Repairs

Jewelry, like all other personal possessions, is subject to damage. There are some instances when a particular bracelet or ring requires some repair. If your jewelry is not properly appraised, there is a chance that you could be a victim of jewelry swaps or replacements. It is not recommended to leave your valuable jewelry to a particular repair shop without having it appraised first.

In addition, you should protect yourself from these kinds of schemes because in reality there is no way that you can prove that the jewelry repair shop made this kind of crime. It is only through an official appraisal form that you can verify your jewelry.

Jewelry Appraisal is a Good Proof

Aside from jewelry repair, the appraisal also serves as a proof that you own the jewelry. There are several tax and insurance situations that necessitate a proof that you own the jewelry and its related value. In addition, it could also be a great help in situations where you want to transfer the ownership of the jewelry to your heir. The appraisal is your written testament that the jewelry really exists. With a proper jewelry appraisal, you have the right paperwork that could protect yourself from several tax liabilities. It will also save your heir from going to court in order to receive the inheritance.

Know the Replacement Value of the Jewelry

Most often, people get a jewelry appraisal before making a purchase or shortly after. This is to ensure that the jewelry that they purchase was correctly sold by the seller. Another reason for knowing the replacement value of the jewelry is, as mentioned earlier, for insurance purposes.

Know the Fair Market Value of the Jewelry

Jewelry appraisal also provides the fair market value of the jewelry. This type of appraisal is usually made if there is a liquidation, settlement of assets, divorce, and settlement of divorce, private sale, collateral, tax liability, and dissolution of marriage. Usually, the fair market value of the jewelry is lower than the retail value.

Having your jewelry appraised is about making sure that your investment is protected. It is important that you know the real value of your irreplaceable pieces of jewelry in the event that they are stolen, lost, or damaged.

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